Innovative Slimming Treatment

The stomach is our 2nd brain. It plays a key role on mental, figure and more widely, on our health. Several studies have shown that chronic stress leads to weight gain. The increase of cortisol level -the stress hormone- and adrenaline, result in the storage of adipose tissue around the waist.

With its new Stomach Sculptor treatment, THALION Laboratories is bringing innovative answer to fight against localized roundnesses and their cause, through:
- Organism relaxation
- Firming & slimming action  

A unique 45-minute protocol:
Step 1 – Magnesium Oil application to reduce stress 
Step 2 – Diagnosis of the abdomen to identify tensions, associated with deep abdominal breaths, inspired by yoga.
Step 3 – Zen Abdomen, a unique massage, developed by a kinesiologist. It is associated with Stomach Waist Reshaper, a hydrogel which combines the patented active ingredient Algoslim®, caffeine and carnitine to reshape the waist.

Visible results from the first session: belly deflated and abdomen area deeply relaxed. 
Efficacy proven by 13 people:
- 2,4 cm of waist circumference, on average*
- 2,2 cm of stomach circumference, on average *

Stomach Sculptor Treatment can be applied once a week, from 3 to 6 weeks of treatment.
As part of a global slimming approach, it can be combined with THALION slimming treatments.


*Results obtained on 13 people after 2 sessions of Stomach Sculptor + Stomach & Waist Reshaper applied once per day, during 14 days.