La Crème Yeux - Complete Anti-Ageing Care

Product description

This breakthrough total anti-ageing eye cream uses advanced technology to enhance the delicate eye contour area. It combines three patented marine active ingredients, three types of hyaluronic acid, and a multi-corrective complex. The incredible texture of this cream tones the upper eyelid to open up the eyes, smooth out wrinkles, and diminish dark circles and puffiness. Its infinitely luscious texture provides an ideal matt finish to prime the skin for makeup.

I like
  • Global eye contour response: hydration, radiance, pigmentation, firming upper and lower eyelids, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles.
  • Your eyes are noticeably younger and brighter
Thalion recommendation

Apply sparingly to the eye area (including crow’s feet) each morning and evening, then gently rub it in.

1. Lower eyelid smoothing

2. Figures of 8 on the crow’s feet  

3. Alternative smoothing on the upper eyelid.