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A family business

Above all, Thalion is the story of a family from Brittany – a family in love with the sea and the wealth of resources it contains. The ocean is a fantastic source of wellness, offering all the trace elements, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids we need to reveal our beauty. Thalion dives deep into this ocean to extract a concentrate of vital energy, the true essence of beauty. We take advantage of the secrets of the sea and we use its resources responsibly.

“Balanced by nature, the sea is an extraordinary garden where our memory and history can be found.” André Prigent, CEO

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The 3 pillars of our work

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Using the precious plants we harvest and research to identify marine compounds, we develop our own patented active ingredients derived from the sea.

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Vectors of effectiveness and in perfect affinity with the skin, our galenic forms are developed without compromising sensory appeal. Our scented creations elegantly dress up our textures.

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Based on our knowledge of skin physiology, our techniques are precise and beneficial.

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Officially recognized savoir-faire

Guardians of time and history, having inherited traditional seaweed-harvesting methods, we are intimately familiar with our raw material. As a harvester, we control every step of processing from raw material to finished product. All our products are imagined, designed, and made in Brittany, in the town of Plouguerneau. We are the only professional brand officially recognized by the French state thanks to our expert R&D knowledge through Agrimer.

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Environmentally friendly manufacturing

A premium on recyclable packaging

All our packaging is sourced primarily in Brittany and France. We give priority to local partners to promote our region and limit the CO2 impact of transport. We apply the “recyclable and sustainable materials requirement” to our packaging.

Natural formulation policy

We exclude all controversial substances to guarantee our formulas are harmless and effective. Our demand for quality and safety is ceaseless.

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